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Néstor Meléndez Soler
Top Colombia Tips

Here it is at all its splendor, the new jewel of the international tourism circuit of the world, the beautiful Colombia.

It is a wide spread secret that everybody is talking about; the new destination to visit in for vacations is this South American country that is wrongly known for its history of drugs and violence.

Yes it is true, not to good news came out from Colombia years ago, and people from the world just didn’t have the guts to come and see the reality by themselves. It was very understandable.

Now, Colombia is constructing peace with the leftist guerrillas and the security situation has changed in a very positive way. A peace treaty has been signed with the guerrillas Farc and peace talks are held with the other group, ELN.

As a result, peace is booming in the territories and the international tourists are travelling in great numbers, to know more about “the land of the sabrosura”, as the international Colombian tourism board publicity campaign advertises to audiences all over the world.

“Sabrosura” has many meanings in Colombian, it can be good food, or good music, a state of mind, or, many things all of them positive. It comes from the word “sabor” that means flavor, and that’s something Colombia and Colombians have in vast quantities.

In the next review I am going to tell you about 18 Top Colombia Tips for your travel to Colombia in 2018. So you come to the Land of the Sabrosura!!!

·        Visit Bogotá: The capital of Colombia is a vibrant metropolis with terrible traffic, but it has good museums, excellent restaurants, the best emeralds, nice mountains, beautiful surroundings. And a lot of history to know more about the country.

·        Enter the mountain into the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquirá, near to Bogotá, made in the holes perforated by centuries of salt mining in the biggest earth salt mine of the world.

·        Walk in the cobbled streets of Cartagena de Indias, a world heritage site because of its well preserved walls, fortifications and old city. This is the city that all the pirates wanted to win in battle, and not many of them succeed in the task.

·        Get to know Juan Valdés, or at least the coffee growers that inspired the creation of the most iconic Colombian coffee publicity figure, at the Coffee Cultural Landscape, beautiful mountainous scenery and towns, where the infusion that wakes up the world is grown near to perfection. Not to be missed the Parque Nacional Del Café at Montenegro, Quindío.

·        For innovation, tradition and beautiful people go to Medellín, the capital of Antioquia. Be surprised by the gentleness of its citizens and fall in love at the city of eternal spring; visit the Orquideorama, have a ride on the metrocable and see the city from the heights, taste the exquisite food and be ready to party.

·        Enjoy the beach and the river at Palomino, Guajira, a wonderful and mystical place where the river Palomino delivers the cold waters that come from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the Caribbean Sea. At Palomino you can swim at the ocean and relax in a huge beach and then take the sand and the salt off at the river just steps away.

·         Wander by the San Agustín trails, at the Huila region, and get to know the sacred remains of a lost civilization that left a legacy of mysterious stone sculptures depicting the interaction between man and animals. Wash your feet at “el lavapatas” a pre-Columbian craft made on the rocks of where the Magdalena River (one of the biggest of the America’s) is born.

·        Watch the humpback whales in breeding season (July to October) at the Colombian Pacific coasts of the region of Chocó. Here the deep tropical forest jungle meets the sea at incredible bays where the whales dance their love every year since generations ago. Also in the surroundings exuberant nature and deep sea fishing make it a whole adventure.

·         Travel to Leticia, Amazonas at the Amazon River and get to interact with aboriginal tribes at their own habitat. Watch the biodiversity of this world natural reserve and learn to love and respect Mother Nature.

·        Go to the northern extreme of South America at Punta Gallinas, Guajira, a desert peninsula where the south part of the continent starts or ends. Feel the winds and take some time to go the Cabo de la Vela for a beautiful beach stay and a splendorous tempered sea.

·        Get lost in Boyaca, where beautiful and timeless pueblos founded in astonishing places let the tourist see the richness of the soil and the importance of agriculture for life in the planet.

·        Travel by the departments of the Santanderes, where there are enchanting towns full with history and myths. El Socorro, Barichara, Ocaña, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Villa del Rosario, all of them have stories to be known. Traverse the Cañón del Chicamocha and ride the cable car up to the statue of El Santísimo.

·        Drive by the Llanos Orientales, an extended plain, which is known as the green sea, go to the cattle ranches, and see the immense plantations of products like platano, yucca or rice. Feel the biodiversity of a unique ecosystem in the planet.

·        Come to Cali and learn to dance salsa, while enjoying the magic of this city where it’s said that native women are like the flowers, because of their beauty. Refresh with a cholao a local drink made with lulo (a must have fruit to taste in Colombia) and make time to party all night long.

·        Climb to Ciudad Perdida at the cliffs of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a lost town discovered in the 1970s, made by the ancestors of the native indigenous tribes that preserve the mountain from the “little brothers” (as they call white people and other no Native Americans). Feel the greatness of this unique mountain range that’s elevates at 5700 meters (18.700 ft.) right on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

·        Spend some time at the department of Nariño and be admired by the beauty of the valleys and mountains and the richness of the soil. Navigate the tranquil but cold waters of the Laguna de La Cocha and live with tranquility the serenity of the landscape.

·        Drive or go by road to any destiny in Colombia, it is always surprising for foreigners to see how in a one day journey everything changes, the colors, the people, the food, the accent, the temperatures.

·        Fly to San Andrés Islands, the insular department of Colombia, located in the Caribbean Sea at the Sea flower marine world reserve. The colors of the water are incredible, some say the sea has seven different tonalities, is a paradise for scuba divers and also for buyers as is a duty free port.

These are only 18 recommendations for your next trip to Colombia in 2018.
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Remember that traveling makes you a better person.


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