Medellín, Colombia is certainly a dangerous city, if you are on a diet; it has been named in recent years as an innovative city of the planet, but when it comes to food it should be named one of the best destinations for gastronomic visitors from all around the world, except for vegetarians, even though there are vegetarian options.

Be prepared to eat big portions of food and to know some dishes you maybe will think twice about them, but that are very good.

The following are some Top Colombia Tips for what to eat when you are visiting Medellín, the city of the eternal spring.

You may have seen or known about this Colombian capital of the department of Antioquia, the second most important city of the country, and also with an infamous past.

But those criminal and violent episodes of Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel have faded away due to the work of the Colombian authorities who won the war to this capo who wanted to overrule the government.

And now you can come safely to this beautiful and splendid city to eat as wonderful as you can imagine, in the same sceneries you have seen on Narcos in Netflix.

So come with me and know more about the 5 foods you have to eat at Medellín. Colombia when you visit it.


The Bandeja Paisa (paisa is the way people from this region of Colombia are known) is a full reloaded combo of paisa food served in a big tray. It is a complete meal, and when I say complete, it means that you are going to take your time to have a taste of the multiple ingredients it has.

So be prepared to eat a lot, this plate is an essential part of the gastronomic experience of your visit to Medellín.

The bandeja paisa has the following ingredients:

         Red beans
         Cooked and grinded meat
         Morcilla (Blood sausage)
         Chorizo (It’s a kind of sausage)
         Chicharrón (Fried pork skin)
         Platano (Plantain)
         Arepa (corn flour pattie)
Hogao (Is a cooked and fried stew made of onion, tomatoes and each chefs secret)
Sunny side up egg

As you can see you are going to be seated for a considerable amount of time, but I can assure it is good food for the soul and for a siesta.
It’s better to have the bandeja paisa for lunch so you will have time to relax and some activity afterwards to assimilate it. At some restaurants you can ask for half or minipaisa if you are not a big stomach.


The mondongo is one of the soups that identifies the paisa food and cultural values. It’s ingredients are pork tripe, pork meat, sausage, potatoes, carrots, peas and lots of love.

The tripe has to be cooked for a long time so it gives the characteristic flavor to the broth.

Have a mondongo and you will love the flavor of this soup that is a complete dinner.

It goes with a side of rice and avocado.


The chicharrón is already mentioned in the bandeja paisa, but in Medellín you can have this fried pork skin as an appetizer or as a main dish.
The paisas are the best doing chicharrones. Some are fried others are baked and toasted in traditional ovens, some are fried and baked and there are the ones that don’t tell anybody how they do it.

If there were a world competition of the best chicharrón in the planet, the ones offered at Medellín would surely qualify in the top spots.
Be tempted, by the chicharrón, at restaurants of typical and gourmet food where this succulent plate is offered: Don’t leave Medellín without having eaten one of this glorious cuts of the pork.

There are very good chicharrón offered at restaurants near to the airport, if you don’t make it at the city.  But please don’t go without having a taste of it.

4.    BUÑUELO:

If you are a vegetarian and are still reading this blog you are a hero.
And for a hero like you there is the buñuelo.

Is a rounded formed mass of corn starch mixed with salted semihard grounded cheese fried in hot oil and browned to crispy perfection.  

You will see buñuelos in your trip to Medellín and the aroma of them will make you go for one, or two or as many as you want.

It is a totally recommended food for your stay at the city of eternal spring.  Taste one and you will go for the other one. Try to eat them very hot with great care, but let me tell you, it is worth it.

5.    TAMAL:

Tamales are a food of the aboriginal tribes that lived in America. There are tamales all the way down from southwest United States to the northern part of Argentina.

The tamales main ingredient is corn flour. The tamal paisa is stuffed with chicken, pork and in some recipes they also add beef, it also comes with chickpeas and carrot. The tamales are wrapped into natural leafs of plantain and tied up. Then they are cooked for hours in boiling water.

It is served on a plate where the gastronomic surprise is opened while it still on the leaves. Please don’t eat the leaves, only the food inside. It might be funny to tell it, but there are some foreigners who are not told and may eat the leaves that don’t have a good flavor.

The tamal inside is as good as slow cooked food can get, the flavors are very typical for us Colombians, and we love tamales.


At Medellín the queen is the arepa. It is a corn flour patty made in the grill.
The original arepa paisa is made of white corn.

But there are many varieties for the arepas, and in Medellín is the place to eat arepas of all kinds.

So you will change your white bread for an arepa while you are at the city, and for sure you will miss them when you go away.

Enjoy Medellín and the rest of Colombia, I can assure you my country is a paradise.

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Remember that traveling makes you a better person.

Néstor Meléndez Soler


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