by: Néstor Meléndez Soler

Medellín, Colombia is a city that keeps on blossoming all the time despite the turbulent recent history of drugs, crime and violence.

Not even when the Cartél de Medellín, ruled by the infamous Pablo Escobar tried to overtake Colombia the city surrendered and kept on going forward.

Today is one of the most attractive cities in the South-American travel circuit and I am going to tell you why in my Top Colombia Tips.
Come to Medellín and live the city of the eternal spring.

This are the 5 places you have to go when coming to the capital of the department of Antioquia in Colombia.


At Plaza Botero be prepared to walk into immense sculptures made by the local artist Fernando Botero, one of the most important plastic artists of the world.

And yes, the sculptures are humongous; the trademark of the artist are the oversized characters, here you are going to walk around 23 of them.

A man in a horse, an almost real big fat cat, huge bodies looking at each other, a warrior, a horse, all of them oversized.
Like in no other place on earth, at Plaza Botero the feeling of the artist is part of one’s life.

Here, the artist honors his Medellín with works of art made with his hands for the enjoyment of the people of Colombia and the whole world.

In the perimeter of the Plaza Botero is also the Museo de Antioquia, with art, history and constant activities that has been part of the cultural life of Medellín since the late 1800s.

It has a very interesting collection of the Paisa way of life; “paisas” is how people from this region are known as, all over Colombia and the world. It´s a recommended museum to know more about Colombia, and to enjoy the arts.  


At Medellín you have to go to the Cerro Nutibara, (Nutibara Mountain) that is on the center of the Aburrá Valley where the city is installed.

Nutibara was an indigenous that defended his lands from the Spanish conquerors that came to take the gold mines and to abruptly change the course of history to the local tribes that had lived here from centuries before.

At the top of the cerro Nutibara a picturesque puebito paisa depicts life of the inhabitants of this mountain region where coffee crops are one of the main sources of economy.

At the top of the mountain the view of Medellín is beautiful, and from up there a 360 degree view can be seen of the whole metropolitan area of the 2 and a half million city.


The botanical garden of Medellín is one site that you will love to know in your visit here.

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world and at the Jardín Botánico there is a main exposure of Colombian flora worth to see it.

And there is the Orquideorama, a huge structure that holds inside the perfect climate to house orchids.

Colombia houses the biggest amount of orchids in the world, and at the Orquideorama you will see this beautiful flowers in a perfect ecosystem created by man to house nature at almost perfect conditions.

At the Jardín Botánico you can also delight with the gastronomy as there are very good restaurants inside.
It is a highly recommended visit in Medellín, remember the slogan of the city that says Medellín, the city with eternal spring.


The Parque Lleras is one of the main attractions of Medellín. It is a trendy gastronomic and party zone where fun goes till early morning.
At the Lleras visitors will enjoy just for watching the crowd. It is a nice one. Men can be very happy at the Lleras as is widely known that the paisa women are really beautiful and here it can be confirmed.

For lunch, afternoon or evening is a good zone to come and have a great time.

Residents of Medellín are very proud of their public transportation system that is an intermodal one.

Here the passengers ride on a surface metro-rail that gives very nice views of the city while traveling.

Also there is the Metro-Cable which are a series of cabins that are transported hanged on a cable. They go up to the neighborhoods up in the mountains that surround the valley where the city is built.

These barrios were years ago hours away from the city centre but with the arriving of the airlifted transportation system became touristic spots worth visiting.

There are also electric stairs that will guide you up by the neighborhoods.

Also in some neighborhoods there are watching spots and restaurants.


Make sure you go up to the Variante a Las Palmas and stop by one the typical food restaurants that are on the way. If you happen to like pork, you should try the pork skin or chicharrón that is made here. It is a gastronomic experience that will make you happy if you are not vegetarian.

On my next blog I will keep you informing you about the city of the eternal spring, Medellín, Antioquia in Colombia.
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Remember that traveling makes you a better person.


Néstor Meléndez Soler

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