Sometimes I feel like I am in a movie, either in the main role or as a supporting actor; but mostly, I like being the director of the film.

Everywhere I go in Colombia I see that films can be made here just because they are good vacation stories in an ideal picture environment. 

And in these internet times, that means wonderful social media pictures and posts.

Colombia has way too many perfect movie and picture locations and I’d like to share just a few of them:

·       SAN AGUSTÍN:

Located in the southern Huila region, this National Anthropological Park has a great legacy in form of anthropomorphic stone sculptures that are part of a huge funerary and ceremonial ground made by a mysterious tribe that inhabited the area from on/or around 1000BC to on/or around 1350AC.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.
Here you will be right in the middle of mountains, surrounded by all forms of nature: from exotic birds to wild animals, in almost untouched high Andean forest. 

The San Agustin village is colorful and the inhabitants are a mix of indigenous-origin and Colombian rural dwellers. There are also some foreigners, from all over the world, who work in restaurants and in the hospitality industry.

The experience you will live here is so authentic that is a movie in itself. And San Agustin coffee is renowned for its quality, so don’t miss it.


This timeless town located in the Boyacá region, central Colombia, has actually been a movie set for many television and film productions.

It has very big plaza and all of the houses, churches and buildings have remained as they were back in colonial times, around the 1600s.

Back then, Villa de Leyva was a vacation getaway for the Spanish Viceroys and was well as for the very rich people of SantaFé de Bogotá and Tunja.

When you walk on the cobbled streets you will feel you are going back in time. Anywhere you look you’ll discover an interesting spot to shoot a photo or a clip.

It is for sure an unforgettable location to make a movie, and you will love the surroundings that even include a small desert, nearby mountains, a beautiful valley, rivers, and wonderful people that are very friendly to tourists.


As you may know Colombia grows some of the finest and richest mild coffee in the world.

Many of the shiny red grains that are transformed into the planetary wake-up drink are actually grown here, at the Eje Cafetero (The Coffee Axis).

The Eje or Zona Cafetera as it is also known, was declared a World Cultural Heritage Region by UNESCO because of its melting pot of traditions blended within the rugged geography of the territory and the social interactions that produce the unique Colombian Coffee.

The now called Paisaje Cultural Cafetero (Coffee Culture Landscape) is the expression of the people and the land that inspired the iconic advertising persona of Juan Valdez.

For sure you will find many caficultores (coffee growers) that are just like Juan Valdez, and it’s no publicity gimmick. You can go to the haciendas and be a farmer for a day, or you may size up to the tall and gracious Palmas de Cera (Wax Palm, in fact the national tree) at the Valle de Cocora, ride horses and watch birds; there are so many plans you may not be able to cover them all in a single trip.

Hop on for an adventure that will give you videos and photos that will be very much appreciated and Liked by your audience.



The Colombian Pacific coast is a virgin paradise where jungle meets ocean.

Every year from July to November, right off the towns of Bahía Solano and Nuquí in the Choco region, humpback whales come back to those warm tropical waters to breed after several thousand miles from Antarctica.

It is a kind of adventure you’d live on a National Geographic expedition, only seen on TV!!!

Just imagine yourself going on a boat and being literally caught up in the love affairs of some of Earth’s biggest mammals! Then, after that rush you can chill on a lonely beach or a nearby river and blend in with Mother Nature, to your liking.

This is an experience that will be both photogenic and receive many likes.

·       TAGANGA:

Just by the name you can feel it is going to be a fun place to go. And it is.

Taganga is a very small town that is located very near to Santa Marta, in the Caribbean coast. It is a fishermen’s village but starting a few years back it transformed into a very hip place for global backpackers.

The beaches nearby, the hostels and the young ambience makes this place a good party where to hang out.

If you want to feel the world in Colombia you may come here.
It should be said that this is not for everyone, especially if you are not your regular backpacker type of person (it may be a tad too much); but if you are, this is paradise.

So there you have them: some Top Colombia Tips for those who like to make movies, do photography, shoot videos, have a good time or just for the Instagrammer and Facebooker in you. Remember: killer scenery, differing landscapes, are also one of Colombia’s many treasures.

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Remember that:
traveling makes you a better person.  

Néstor Meléndez Soler

Octavio Duque


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