Colombia is an incredible country, the variety of nature, and the warmth of its people, makes it, a very special place on earth, and is a touristic jewel to be visited.

There are no seasons in Colombia, as is located between the tropics and in the equatorial zone; there are only rainy or dry months, and temperature goes from very hot to freezing, depending on the altitude of the location.

So, because of this circumstances, the culture, and the food is different according to the region where you are at.

In the next lines you will know what foods you will have to eat, if you want to taste the flavors, when visiting Colombia for a short period of time.


The Bandeja Paisa is a full combo of food that will leave you completely satisfied. It has as many ingredients as you can dream and they all taste good.

Let’s start; it has red beans, white rice, carne en polvo (cooked grounded meat), chicharrón (pork skin), morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo (sausage), fried plantains, and on top of the rice a sunny side up egg is placed with grace.

Have a bandeja paisa, and you will know for sure, why the people from the region of Antioquia have all the energy they have to make things happen.


The Ajiaco is a chicken and 3 different potatoes (criolla, sabanera and pastusa) soup that it is added with a native herb called guascas that grows in the nearby lands of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

The soup is served with the shredded chicken inside and with corn in the cob, capers and heavy cream, at the side goes white rice and avocado.

It is the traditional dish of Bogotá, and it is very well received by all the tourists.


This is the national Colombian soup and in every region of the country you will find a different version of this plate.

Some people say that we Colombians, celebrate everything with a soup, and they may be right about that. The Sancocho is a soup made with chicken, or hen, or beef, or fish or with 3 different proteins, beef, pork and chicken, in a version called trifásico.

All of them have a principal star, and that is the green plantain (platano verde). The soup is also added with another carbohydrates like potatoes, yuca and corn on the cob. To all of the versions, cilantro is added to the soup when is served at the table.


The Tamal is a food that is made in all of America, and it comes from the indigenous tribes that inhabited the continent before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century.

Colombian tamales are made in every region, they are very similar in the way they are done. It is a corn dough that is stuffed with proteins like chicken, pork, beef and peas and carrots.

The dough is cooked inside plantain leaves during many hours. The leaves must not be eaten, it is funny to tell it but some foreigners make the mistake of consuming them.

They are good and for sure you will like tamales very much.


The lechona is a pig that is stuffed with its own shredded meat and added with rice and peas and baked during hours in an artisanal oven.

The skin turns crunchy and it’s delicious.
It is for sure one of the finest plates of Colombian gastronomy.


The bonus is the empanadas, which is the most popular Colombian fast food. Empanadas are a dough made of corn or wheat with different fillings , that can be meat, chicken, pork, potatoes, cheese and others.

You are going to find empanadas everywhere you go in Colombia, and they are good for cravings.

So these are the essential Colombian foods you have to taste when visiting my country.

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