5 Food you must eat at Cartagena de Indias

By: Néstor Meléndez

Hey, if you are a traveler it means you have to go for the local food to be more in touch with the destination and the people of the place you are visiting. So you have to learn a little so you don´t be get caught out of base, that’s why, here you have the top five foods you got to have at:

Cartagena, Colombia.

1-    Arepa de huevo.

The arepa de huevo is a corn flour arepa (disc shaped) filled with an egg and if you like with other proteins like meat, pork or chicken. It is quintessential to Cartagena, if you come to this wonderful place on earth you will be magically delighted with the arepa de huevo. Make way egg macmuffin, after you have the arepa de huevo you maybe would like to take the recipe back home.

2-    Coctél de camarones.

It is a shrimp cocktail made in the Colombian style with very small diced red onion, ketchup, mayonnaise, shrimps or mixed seafood and secret touches learned over generations, and styled mixed in front of you. You will maybe going to like because it is an explosion that happens in your tasting sense. So be prepared and if your hot ask for some picante to the mix.

3-    Pescao frito con Arróz con Coco.

This tastes like a beach day in the colombian Paradise. You will remember forever how cartageneros fry their fish. Actually they fry everything, so they are good in those matters. But when you eat fish in Colombia you have to have it with the perfect companion, and in these lands is the arróz con coco. It is as it sounds, rice with coconut, but it is good, it gives new perspective in the way, you have your rice.  This plate also comes with patacones that are also good. So have a pescao frito.

4-    Palenquera super-fruits.

You are going to be walking by the small streets of Cartagena, and into the walls of the city and then they appear like a superhero, they are the palenqueras, beautiful ladies that offer you sweet and refreshing fruits that are going to make your day. Also you can go for a perfect photo opp, but tips are expected.

5-    Portál de los Dulces.

There are so many sweet treats at El portal de los dulces, that is better for you to go for the mixed trays they offer you. The portal is located in the plaza de los coches in front of the  the clock tower, into the walls. I personally love the cocadas, but there is a wide variety of local sweets that are made in the traditional way since the beginning of the 1900s when the plaza was a transportation hub for the city.

So you now know what you must eat in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

If you are here follow my gastronomical advise and if you are coming, do it also. You can also do the GPS audiotour of Cartagena de Indias, into the walls of the city. Here you will find a tour that is not a tour as you used to know. So Bring Your Own Device, BYOD, download to your mobile https://voicemap.me/  at the App store or at Google Play, then go to Colombia and jump into the new form of travelling and getting informed about the places you are visiting. https://voicemap.me/tour/cartagena/cartagena-de-indias-into-the-walls-of-the-city

After downloaded the GPS audiotour doesn´t needs wifi connection. 

Have a nice time, and remember, travelling makes you a better person. If you like it share this blog and follow me with more travel information.

Néstor Meléndez Soler




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