BYOD to Cartagena.

BYOD means "bring your own device)

Cartagena de Indias, the BYOD walking tour.
Into the walls of the city:

By:    Néstor Meléndez

It is a worldwide trend, the BYOD (Bring your own device) walking tours are becoming the new player of the tourism industry in the adventures and tour experiences category.

And now, one of the industry leaders, offers the Cartagena GPS walking tour: Into the walls of the city.

The tour is an introduction to this wonderful city, thru stories that are going to give context to many events that have been shaping this magical place since it was funded in 1533.

You will start a the Torre del Reloj, the city entrance and with the magic of the GPS triggered technology you will walk into the city at your own pace, knowing about the places you are going to be in. The walking tour will guide you thru la Plaza de los Coches, where you will know about the founder of the city, Pedro de Heredia and then you will go into the Portal de los Dulces and have a local sweet treat, or a coffee.

Then, La Plaza de La Aduana, where you will see why this city was so important for the Spanish crown, as well as for the British empire, pirates and corsaries.

You then will be in front of the magnificent, Iglesia de San Pedro Clavér, and you will know more about this Jesuit priest, that served the africans that came to be sold as slaves. He became to be known, as “The slave of the Slaves”.

The tour will continue thru the “Callecitas de Cartagena”, the little streets of Cartagena, and you will hear about El Dorado, the mythical golden city, that made the Spanish come to this land by the thousands.

At the Plaza de Bolívar, you will know more about Cartagena and see the most famous house of the walled city, The Palacio de La Inquisición.

Then get ready to meet the most photographed girl of the city, and also the biggest, her name is Gertudris, but is known as La Gorda de Botero.

You are going to learn about why this is a Unesco World Heritage city and are going to be where to have some good Colombian juices, pastries and coffee.
The tour finishes at the Parque Fernández de Madrid, where you can end the journey relaxing at the park.

So if you are at Cartagena, take the GPS walking tour, prepared by Néstor Meléndez, a seasoned journalist that knows Cartagena and many of its secrets. You can download the tour to your own mobile device, and use it without consuming any data.

It can be downloaded in I Tunes or Google Play.
The cost of the GPS Walking Tour is of US $2.99, and it takes around one to three hours to complete, depending on your pace and stops.

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