Jump on the GPS Tour.By: Néstor Meléndez

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is a wonderful city to walk, the temperature, not too cold or not too hot makes it a perfect place to go around on a tour. Technology has made now available the self guided tours, using mobile devices and GPS features on them.

A new route in Bogotá has just been published on Voicemap, an APP that offers tours made by local storytellers that make the traditional tours a thing of the past.

The just released tour is the, TRADITIONAL BOGOTÁ, in which the tourist goes from the colonial part of the city to the modern part of it, cruising thru years of history. There are places that only a local can recommend, like the Café Pasaje, an old coffee shop, where the bogotanos have had their coffee since many years ago. Or the Pastelería Florida, where you can get a delicious chocolate and tamál, a mixture that has been sold in that place for decades.

The GPS tours, are a new trend in the tourism industry, and many experts foresee them as a new way of travelling and knowing cities and places. The mobile revolution, that has been for a few years, has made this technology available to the majority of the world population, and the tourists are a market that is being served with content, that gives them the opportunity to make personal journeys with their own mobile devices.

The tours are made by local storytellers that show the users the best places and recommend what to do, where to eat or where to go.

So check out the TRADITIONAL BOGOTÁ tour, for just US $2.99 you will get a very good tour of this wonderful city; you will know where García Márquez, walked when he worked as a journalist and also you will be immersed in the city like if you were a bogotano. The journey starts at the Iglesia de Las Aguas and finishes at the Biblioteca Nacional. You will go by the Museo del Oro and pass by some of the most important landmarks of downtown Bogotá.

So come on, and jump into the new trend of the GPS AUDIOTOURS , and feel a new sensation when travelling.
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Have a nice trip and a great life. And remember, knowing the world, makes you a better person. 


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