The walking tours by GPS with at Bogotá.

More than nine and a half million people have this city as a home, and it´s not only because of the opportunities that they get at Bogotá, but because the quality of life that has been improving for many years.  This city is one of the most important cities of the Americas and its economic growth is positively constant year after year.
If you come to do business to Bogotá, you will encounter a city that has it all to make your trip a productive and happy one. The hotels and all of the touristic infrastructure, is built and made so the business visitor has no hassles, and that he or she feels that this is the place where dreams can come to reality.

And what do business visitors look for, they can found at Bogotá.
Hotels, restaurants, airport in the city, good public transportation, shopping, connectivity, friendly people and also excellent touristic places to go that don’t take away the time of doing business but make the trip more pleasant for the business traveler.
The mountain of Monserrate, is a short visit that a traveler can do when coming to Bogotá. It can be reached by cable car or train car, and also by foot, if the tourist wants to do physical activity. From up the mountain the tourist can see a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding areas. In the summit there is a church and also high class restaurants

The traveler can also go to the Museo del Oro where the wonders of the legend of El Dorado can be seen. Is a 2 hour long journey where the tourist will know about the gold and how the natives worked on it and used it for ceremonial purpuse.
There is also the downtown of the city, where there is the transit of the old colonial neighborhood of La Candelaria to the modern city in a kind of time lapse that goes from the 16th century to present days.
Vibrant places like el barrio La Macarena where in just 3 blocks the visitor will find restaurants of all types of cuisines from all over the world.  Beautiful parks can be visited, like the Parque de la Independencia, or the new Parque Bicentenario, or the classic Parque Nacional all of them located in the heart of the city.

So if you come to visit Bogotá, be sure to take a little time to visit the places that have made this city an interesting place to do business and the best of all, to have fun.


Néstor Meléndez Soler


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