By: Néstor Meléndez

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When you travel you have many ways to better know and understand the city or place you are visiting. Usually, people has some options to do this, one of them is the traditional tour, you do it with some other tourists, and you have to go following a tour conductor that gives you general description of the places you are visiting.

The stops or breaks are predetermined, and you have to deal with hanging out with people, that the only thing they have in common, is that they are tourists. Usually, this  tours are in budget, but they are not cheap, and for some people can be boring, or they just don’t like them. 

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The other option is to take a personal tour, but it is an expensive option.

You can also study the location you will visit, and read the brochures, reviews and other literature and then adventure yourself into a city or place you don’t know, with no local look at the touristic attractions, or even get lost in a dangerous place.

Now, all that is changing. With the mobile revolution and the gps features inserted in all of them, a new way of travelling is now flourishing all over the world. The GPS triggered audio-tours is changing the tourism industry and is giving the travelers a new option to know the places visited.

With GPS tour apps, the tourists have the control of their time and can do them, in a more private way. They can download the tours in their mobile and simply follow directions and get a personal tour conductor that will pause, if you like can repeat the information and that will give you the insights of the location you are at the precise instant you get there. No data is necessary to play the tour after is downloaded, so it is not going to have roaming charges. You can do walking tours, bike tours, driving tours, and whatever you can imagine kind of tours.

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Now Bogotá, Colombia has its first GPS walking tour thru , an APP that has many other cities of the world also included in their offer. You can do the COLONIAL BOGOTA tour for only $2.99 thru the APP STORE or at GOOGLE PLAY . In this tour you will know the history of the city from the times of the colony to the present. It goes from the Plaza de Bolívar to the emblematic, Museo del Oro. 
Soon you will have another GPS Walking tour, of Bogotá and expect more from Colombia.
The tour conductor is Néstor Meléndez, an expert Colombian journalist that will give you a local approach to the places you will visit thru this new way of travelling.
So come on and jump into the tour

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