Colombia, a new place to visit:

By: Néstor Meléndez


Located in the center of the Americas, Colombia is turning to be one of the hottest tourist destinations of the world for the years to come. And it is not just a promotion or publicity strategy, but it is because, this country offers  so many different places with multiple climates to visit, that even Colombians  amazed themselves when travelling around.

This South-American country has coasts over the Caribbean and the Pacific seas. Has three mountain ranges that are part of the Andes. A huge part of the Amazon tropical forest is also here and a vast plain called los Llanos is part of this exuberant place on earth.

It is the second ranked biodiverse country in the world, just after Brazil. 1826 bird species fly thru the sky of this paradise, the most in the planet. The flora is amazing and the produce of the land is as diverse as the climate variety you can find without changing seasons, only by going up or down you can get a colder temperature or a hotter one. As a matter of fact, you can go from winter to summer in just a few hours in the road.

All of this wonders were prohibited, or at least restricted, to international tourists because of security reasons, just few years ago. But now, all that has changed, the peace treaty signed with the leftist guerrilla of the FARC, permitted that many areas that were forbidden for tourism, are now open for the enjoyment of the visitors.

The cities, like the capital Bogotá. Medellín or Cali,, did´nt suffer the war, as often,  but the stigma of being a country with an ongoing armed conflict  made people think twice about travelling to Colombia. Same thing happened to Cartagena, the jewel of tourism in Colombia.

Now, things have changed. International travel warnings for citizens of the United States, Europe and Asia, have been lifted or softened and the numbers of the visitors from this areas has grown year after year. So if you are thinking of a new destination to plan your vacation, Colombia is a wonderful option.

You can discover Cartagena de Indias, a port city located in the Caribbean sea, its old city has been declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. It has beautiful beaches, great hotels, vibrant nightlife, good restaurants  and picture perfect locations. You may go to the capital, Bogotá, where you will be captivated by a metropolis that holds more than 8 million people, and where you are going to find more than you may expect and be surprised by all the good life it can offer. Visit the Eje Cafetero (Coffee zone) and you will enjoy the scenery of the land where the richest coffee in the world grows, or take a trip to Medellín and discover the city of eternal spring. Get to Cali, where the salsa beat mixes with the flavors of the pacific breeze that touches this city.

So, don’t think twice, come to Colombia and feel the sensation of discovering a whole new big player in the tourism industry.

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