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Cartagena is the most important touristic city of Colombia, but it is not only because of the beaches and the tropical temperature you enjoy all year round, but because all of the history you can find when you walk by the streets of the charming old town, built by the Spanish conquistadores since the 16th century.

Cartagena was one of the ports in the Caribbean, where the gold and the richness of the America were consolidated before taking the long and dangerous trip to Spain. Those were the times of the pirates of the Caribbean, who assaulted and sieged the cities that guarded the treasures. Therefore in Cartagena the defenses were very strong, fortified walls surround the port city, strategic fortifications were built to protect it and underwater traps were settled to damage the enemy ships that did´nt have the navigation cards to surpass them.

Related imageTo walk the walled city is an adventure, you will feel the sensation of being transported in time and you will enjoy the flavor of a place on earth where happiness is part of the plan. The “callecitas de Cartagena” are made for lovers, the nostalgia will possess your spirit as you stroll thru the streets that make you wonder how the times of the colony were. It is not overrated to say that, you will have the sensation of being in a movie, because it is like a movie set but for real.

As you get thru the Torre del Relój ( The Clock Tower), that is the main entrance to the walled city, known as “El corralito de piedra” (The stone corral), you will, at that moment,  sense something that it may be described as wonderful . You then will be transformed, not into a tourist, but into whatever character you want to be.  If you feel like an Spanish sailor, or an African slave, or maybe in a local who likes to have his coconut juice right from the fruit itself. That is one of the attractions of Cartagena, the old city, is not just a tourist attraction, but is also a vivid place, where locals live their life and make their business. So you are going to hang around, not only,  with tourist from all over the world, but also with cartageneros who go to the centro to their offices, shops and homes.  
And if you like the beach, well Cartagena gives you the Caribbean at its best. The Islas del Rosario is a must go. You will get there by sea, in a day journey that it is fascinating. You can go to the beaches of Bocagrande, where you can find nice hotels and excellent restaurants. Or you can have a perfect beach day at zona norte, the new touristic pole of the city, with excellent world class hotels.

And when the nights falls, Cartagena will take you by surprise. Go to the bars in the old city or in Getsemaní. Have dinner at delightful restaurants and end the night dancing till the sun rises.

So if you are thinking of a vacation, come to Cartagena and you will know why is one of the fastest growing touristic places in the world. Come to Colombia, and enjoy the paradise.

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